Our Story

DeepMetis was born in Berlin following ambitious and hot discussions on deep technologies such as AI and Quantum Computing and the significant role of such technologies for the society and our planet. So the idea turned into action and DeepMetis was founded with a great ambition to soon become a leading purpose-driven tech venture in Europe and the world.

Our Philosophy

One of our motivations to bring DeepMetis into life was our concern about the lack of purpose in the tech industry and the geographical distribution gap in research and development of deep tech scientific works in the world. We lay our focus on tech solutions that bring a positive impact to the world and make those ground-breaking  applications available to more than a handful of businessmen and experts.


Explainable AI for NLP

We are experimenting with using Layer-wise Relevance Propagation for building a "Smart Highlighting" service to support researchers in conducting medical studies.

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Optimization in Logistics

We used Reinforcement Learning to approximate solutions for the Vehicle Routing Problem and thus help reduce Carbon Emissions in Logistics.

Quantum Computing for Gradient Estimation of Black Box functions

Our team is evaluating the readiness of commercially available Quantum Computers for applications in Management Science.

Reinforcement Learning and Graph Neural Networks for Approximating NP-hard problems

Graph Neural Networks are a fairly uncommon technique in Machine Learning which lends itself to this application as many NP-hard problems can be represented as graphs.

Increasing the stability of Deep Learning Algorithms

Generative Adversarial attacks are a technique allowing the attacker to abuse the patterns the model uses for making predictions to lead the model to a false conclusion. Often it is enough to change a tiny fraction of the input to lead the system to a false prediction.

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Public Policy in Crisis

Due to the relevance of the Covid-19 pandemic we are exploring technical means of supporting government officials in deciding on what policies are most efficient in dealing with and predicting outcomes of crisis.



co-founder Tech and Operations
An engineer with love for state-of-the-art technologies. Background in everything tech R&D, IoT, ML, connected car.

Mauritz Andreae

Co-founder Research and Development
A machine learning researcher with background in computer science and physics

Chandimal Galmangoda Guruge

Chandimal Galmangoda Guruge


Software Engineer
A software engineer with a passion for learning about and working with new technologies.

Karim Dahmeni

Software Engineer
A passionate and driven software developer who loves solving problems and tackling new challenges.


Prof. Manfred Soeffky

Manfred Soeffky is a Professor (em) of Quantitative Business Analysis at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is an expert in Data Warehousing, Data Science, Database Systems, Management Science, Mathematics and Statistics.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Weiter

Matthias Weiter is a Honorary Professor at Humboldt University Berlin and has a vast experience in international development, policy making, working closely with governmental and non-governmental organizsations around the world.

Prof. Dr. Florian Hoos

Florian Hoos is a true hybrid between academia and practice: He serves as an Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris and additionally works as a Consultant and Coach. He is an expert for sustainable innovation, tech for impact entrepreneurship, and responsible leadership.

Our Work


We go the extra mile answering questions about the challenges, opportunities, risks and potentials of deep technologies. We implement independent research projects in collaboration with reputable research institutions, universities, authorities and private ventures. We aim to find answers that solve real-world problems.


Deep technologies such as AI and Quantum Computing are changing the present and shaping the future. We share our expertise in these areas with everyone willing to learn how to utilize most recent innovations, deploy real-life solutions and integrate all of that into their strategies.


Our team of researches, developers and experts works on building, operating and transferring solutions for our partners in the public and private sectors. For a given order, we develop the solutions, test, and  hand them over. We make sure that those solutions will benefit everyone.


Many organizations struggle to cope with the rapid technological advancement and fail to identify the resulting opportunities. With our tech expertise combined with the domain-specific knowledge of our clients, we develop concepts to solve real-world challenges and create use-cases using most novel innovations.


"DeepMetis supported us with building a vehicle dispatching and route optimisation service. With their extensive expertise they were able to effectively relieve our internal team, so that we could focus on our core business."
Jacek Zawisza, CEO @ kamioni
"I was impressed by their speed and dedication! DeepMetis is my go-to partner for everything Technology ever since!"
Micheal Raven, CEO @ Cognity Ventures